20 Fun and Safe Summer Activities for Seniors. | 20 Fun and Safe Summer Activities for Seniors. |

20 Fun and Safe Summer Activities for Seniors.

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10 Tips to Help Protect Elders from the Upcoming Summer Heat.

By Shanaïs Jacaman    Published  July 14, 2021

The older we get the more our ability to endure summer heat decreases. That is why it is very important not only to keep our elderly safe, but also to help them find activities that will keep them cool, entertained and active. Not only does spending time outdoors feel good, but engaging in social activities also improves mental and physical well-being. Don’t look elsewhere; here are 20 safe activities your elders can enjoy doing this summer.

Go Fishing 

Fishing is an inexpensive way to spend time in a calm and peaceful environment. It can help seniors de-stress and motivate them towards a healthier lifestyle. 


Attend A Coffee Shop

One of the primary reasons why coffee shops have become so popular over the last decade is their relaxed and open feel. It is a great way for seniors to nurture their social lives.


Visit Museums

The primary role of museums is to engage and educate the community which makes them one of the most interesting places to go for seniors. Not to mention, many museums offer free summer activities. 


Take In a Sporting Event

Many stadiums offer discounts for senior citizens, & it is a great way to spend time with family members and friends while staying entertained.


Outdoor Event

Whether it’s a concert or a theater, more and more events are happening outdoors while staying covid-friendly. On top of that most of these events start in the evening when the temperature is cooler.


Visit The Local Mall

Walking in the mall is a great way for senior citizens to stay active while getting out of the house and staying cool. You can have lunch together and take advantage to shop for things they might need at home.


Bird Watching

Bird watching is an exciting and healthy hobby, done alone or in the company of friends. It is a great activity for seniors who wish to connect with nature and calm their minds.



Older adults benefit from music that improves their moods and productivity, lowers their stress, brings back old memories, encourages socialization, and promotes overall mental and physical health.


Folding Clothes 

Folding clothes is a surprisingly great way to promote a sense of engagement in patients with advanced forms of dementia. It’s a simple and effective way to keep them active. 



According to Psychology Today, cooking can be a therapeutic activity because it is a creative outlet and it allows for a sense of purpose. It is a delicious way to give and receive while spending time with your loved ones.


Pick Berries

Berries are some of the healthiest foods you can eat, as they’re low in calories but high in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants. It is a sweet activity for seniors to enjoy during summer and you’ll be able to bake pies with all the berries you picked.


Practice Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is a safe way to enhance physical and mental health, as well as to improve posture, balance, flexibility, and strength. It can help adults of all ages boost their mood, alleviate pain, strengthen their immune system, and improve their heart health.



Volunteering gives seniors more opportunities to be social, it can also lower their risk of depression often linked with isolation. Taking part in meaningful activities helps in keeping an active brain, which lowers the risks for dementia & Alzheimer’s.


Visit A Farmer’s Market

Visiting a Farmer’s Market is a great way to impact local communities and allow farmers to continue to provide fresh, sustainable produce directly from their farm to your family. It is a safe and healthy way to keep seniors entertained this summer.


Create A Garden

Gardening brings families together and keeps seniors active while providing freshly picked vegetables and fruits. Watching a seed grow into a plant helps create a sense of pride and purpose.


Have A Picnic

Picnics are an inexpensive way to enjoy nature while eating home cooked meals. It is also a fun activity where seniors can play social games and talk about the lovely memories of their past. 


Go To The Park

Many seniors are deficient in vitamin D, which is an important nutrient for their health. Going to the park for a walk will help them get enough sunshine while keeping them active. Don’t forget to protect them from over exposure to the sun with sunscreen and proper summer clothing’s. 


Go Swimming

Swimming makes your heart stronger and improves your cardiovascular health and endurance. It will also lower your blood pressure, improve your circulation, and help reduce the risk of heart and lung disease. It is a safe, healthy and pleasant way for senior citizens to enjoy summer while staying fresh.


Read A Book

Scientific studies have found many benefits of reading for older adults, from reducing stress and enhancing sleep to improving memory circuits, sharpening decision-making and possibly even delaying the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Get A Cold Treat

Last but not least; refresh yourself and your family with a delicious ice cream or a healthy smoothie. According to a study, eating ice cream increases dopamine levels, which helps to keep human beings awake and alert. 


You may want to keep your elderly safe by avoiding the high temperatures of summer by keeping them indoors. However, there are many delightful activities that are safe for them to do. Keep those in your notes and remember that with each of these activities, your loved ones still need to be watched for signs of fatigue, dehydration, sunburn, and overheating. Make sure they are clothed properly and that they are able to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Reach out to us at KAD care with any questions you might have. We will be happy to guide you and together come up with a customized care plan, specific to your needs or those of your loved one.

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